Need Staffing Services? 5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire

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Staffing services are useful to a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs, but many people don’t know how to use them effectively. This can result in paying too much for mediocre services or even choosing the wrong staffing service altogether, which results in wasted time and resources that could have been used more effectively elsewhere. If you’re looking into hiring some staff for your business, here are five questions you should ask before getting started.

1: What Will I Get When I Hire You?

A lot of people underestimate how much time and effort is involved in managing a staff. If you’re looking for staffing services, make sure you have a clear idea of what kind of results you’re expecting from your hire; only then can your contractor help put together a plan to get those results. What are some actionable steps we should take on a daily/weekly basis? How will we measure these results? What about setbacks—what will our strategy be for dealing with problems that arise? It’s also worth asking about previous clients: if possible, ask for references so you can call them up and learn more about their experience working with your potential hire.

2: What Exactly Do You Do?

A prospective employee may seem like a great fit for your company on paper, but that’s not always a guarantee of success. When considering hiring new talent, it’s important to ask plenty of questions about what your prospective hire does and doesn’t know about your industry. This can help you determine whether or not they have all of the skills necessary to succeed in their role. If they don’t, there might be additional training needed—which could add to your costs down the line.

3: What Type Of Clients Have You Worked With Before?

Depending on your needs, one staffing agency might be a better fit than another. For example, if you need experienced workers right away, you’ll probably want to go with an agency that specializes in placing experienced candidates. If you have temporary needs and can wait a while for candidates to become available, then it makes sense to work with an agency that specializes in supplying temp employees. Think about what kind of candidates and staffing services your business would benefit from most before heading out to interview agencies.

4: How Can I Trust You Will Deliver On Your Promises?

For an employer, you want a staffing company that is honest and open about its services. A candidate who appears friendly and willing to answer questions will be more likely to deliver on their promises once they get on your payroll. If possible, sit down with a few different staffing agencies and ask them some pointed questions about what they do. For example: What is your contingency plan if I’m not satisfied with your service? How many people have you placed in my position in the last year? Can I meet with one of your clients? How long does it take for someone to start working for me after I hire them through your agency? The answers should give you a sense of how professional each agency is, as well as its level of expertise. Be sure to follow up with references from previous employers or employees when making your final decision.

5: Who Do You Suggest I Work With On My Team So We Can Best Serve My Clients Together?

The last thing you want is a partner that works in direct competition with you. Make sure any potential staffing partner is invested in your success and doesn’t think of you as just another client. The last thing you want is for them to try and woo your clients away from you, so take some time up front to make sure everyone knows what’s going on. This can help avoid confusion down the road when it comes to billing or compensation. Also, don’t forget about things like insurance coverage—if you need help getting started with benefits or payroll services, we can help! If there are certain clients that only one of us should work with, let’s discuss those up front too—there may be an opportunity for both of us to work together on future projects if our skill sets compliment each other well enough.

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